One moment in time you will remember Forever !
It is a moment in time you will always remember. Don't spend it worrying if your
guests can hear the minister , if the right song is going to be played at the right
moment  , if your wedding party will remember what spacing and pace they
should be walking down the isle to or if the ushers remember where to seat
your Grandmother . Let us be there to take care of the execution of your
ceremony from working with your family and wedding party from the start of the
ceremony . To making sure your guests do not miss one special moment .
Just like your reception we will help you
put your unique stamp on your ceremony
. We will help you find the perfect music
from the wedding classics to the same
songs with an updated twist to
something unexpected .
We will work as a team to make sure your ceremony is
perfect . Susan , your event coordinator , will be working
with your ushers , your family , your wedding party and you.
Making sure the seating  of the special people in your life
goes flawlessly to making sure your wedding party
processional is timed to perfection so that each couple
has a moment to shine  . While building anticipation for
your Grand Bridal Entrance . All the while Susan will be in
contact with Kelly , who will handling music and sound , to
make sure every moment is timed perfectly to the music.
We can provide the perfect sound system for your ceremony , inside or out . It is
small and discrete but at the same time has the volume and clarity your guests will
appreciate , as they are able to hear every word and every note no matter where
they are seated . Our use of a wireless lapel microphone for your minister will
ensure your guests will not have to "wonder" what is being said . We also have
hand held microphones and stands available for singers , musicians and friends or
family who may be doing special readings .

We can enhance your ceremony as well with things like lighting , bubble machines
and spotlighting.